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Rules on buying and selling

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Rules on buying and selling

Post  Kevin on Thu Feb 23, 2012 9:00 pm

What is allowed?

- You're allowed to sell RuneScape cash/items/accounts for in real life money.

What is not allowed?

- You're not allowed to sell your Rune Torva accounts.
- You're not allowed to sell your Rune Torva items/cash/ for RuneScape related items.

RuneScape account trading rules:

- Accounts must NOT have any recovery questions
- Accounts must NOT have any bank Pins
- Accounts must NOT have an email registered
- Screenshots of everything mentioned MUST be provided
- Proof of the account being yours MUST be provided.
- Pictures of blackmarks/offence history

E.g. A screenshot with your Rune Torva name on the account.

We are not responsibile for your RuneScape trades and we are not liable for being scammed of trading your RuneScape items. You must provide the rules above or else your thread will be closed/deleted.


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