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Pimpdaddy. - About Rune Torva-

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Pimpdaddy. - About Rune Torva-

Post  Guest on Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:44 am

I am almost always online. I am dedicated to this server and everyone in it. I've Played a lot of other servers i mean a lot. Honestly i know this server like the back of my hand. I will always be online almost 15/7+, I can promise you that. Ive been every rank a server has to offer such as Owner, Moderator, Admin, Veteran, Donator, Super Donator, Coder. Ive a lot had experience with forums. If you need any questions about staff, im one of the main ones to go to. Just go to my profile and send me a PM. I am currently resigned from the other servers due to Quitting, Game Shutdown, Hacking. Ive never once been seriously punished in a RSPS or any other online game. I was a very rich man on Runescape and due to a lot of updates quit, if you play and need help just message me. Ive been playing RSPS for over two years now and i know my game. Maturity plays a big part in my judgement in people and how i view them as an individual. I am very educated and am very mature for my age. My current occupation is an online game coder. I'm currently taking collage classes at my community collage to learn JAVA script and JAVA PH, PHP and HTML are things im familiar with. If you have any questions on code and development I am also a person to go to. If you want to help this server out and get the best you can out of it i would advise to vote and donate. If you donate the owner and others will have a drive to code this game and want to do it ( trust me, coding gets very boring.) the voting helps the server gain more players. You may think voting doesn't really help you out, well guess what? Your Wrong. It gives the server more players, staff spots, more friends for you to interact with. Because this is such a new RSPS and only has 1 vote we must do our best to vote for this server and keep the community strong and up to date. Do you like new in game features such as new teleports, ncp's, items? If we get more players they will donate and help the server. Server development is very active with new servers so just hang in there. I wish your time at Rune Torva to be fun and for you to enjoy your self. - PimpDaddy.

*IMPORTANT* I know we all love this game but if you find a glitch or if you dupe or "hack" there will be punishments if it goes unreported and you abuse. It will ruin the community by dropping the prices of items and other things. Please report all Glitches to staff IMMEDIATELY after you discover it. * IMPORTANT*


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Re: Pimpdaddy. - About Rune Torva-

Post  Guest on Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:51 pm



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